Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A tragic Turn of Events...

I love my iPhone.  

If my life was an episode of friends, my iPhone would be Joey, Ross, Monica, Rachel and Phoebe and I'd be Chandler.  

I do everything on my iPhone.  Texting, emailing, banking, tweeting, facebooking, HELL! I even make calls on it!

But today, tragedy struck.  


I'd had an unusually long day.  Work was tough and we needed to finish off a few projects before the big guy would let me slip back into my own skin.  I've been under the pump lately and it's been hard to remember the important things. My anniversary. My iPhone charger.  But hopefully she'll forgive me.  Siri, I mean.  

To unwind, I decided to give the bar a miss and hit the cinema for that new Tarantino flick.  What's it called...? Oh, yeah, Django.  Django Unchained.   Good movie.    

It was when the flick had finished that I realised... My iPhone was dead...


Immediately I was filled with dread.  What if I'm unreachable for 20 minutes?  What if someone messages me and they can't get hold of me!! What if.... what if I'm forced to live like it's 1995???? 


Okay, okay, so really, I panicked, sure.  I searched every shop for a charger. Unsuccessfully.  And then I had to accept that my afternoon would be iPhone less.  

The first five minutes were spent wondering what was trending on twitter, what the most recent Celebrity Dinosaur meme was and how many more views my viral video 'Straya Day is Awesome' had had in the last 35 seconds.  Then I wondered if you would notice that shameless plug...  But after that, I remembered what life was like in the good old days....

I did things I haven't done in years.  I looked up.  When was the last time you looked up at a ceiling?  I mean really looked at the corners, the paint job, the light globe,  do you even know if your globes are energy saving ones without looking?  

I had to ask a stranger to borrow a pen.  Then I had to ask another stranger, because who REALLY carries a pen with them anymore.  Not Gen Y's, that's for sure. That's how I met Gladys, she was the senior at the Erina food court who lent me a pen.  A Parker fountain pen to be exact that belonged to her late husband.  

I counted chewing gum on the pavement, I looked at an ice cream smudged fingerprint on an escalator and wondered what flavour it was, I regretted learning it was choc-mint.  I smiled, I smelled and I heard the world around me because suddenly, it wasn't confined to a 15 centimeter square box of light and sound.  I was happy.  

And then I got home and blogged about it.  

So while I may not have divorced my iPhone and said goodbye to my palm Monica, Joey, Ross, Rachel and Phoebe, I have remembered that there is so much more out there and I urge you to put your phone away.  Even for an hour.  Walk to the shops, go for a run, do something and be completely unaccessible. 

I promise, you'll be truly amazed by what you remember you forgot. 

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